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April, 05 2012 Emerson

I just wanted to add to your comments on web page " as the side stage Monitor mix Engineer for U2 Nation at the Freehold Summer Concert Series last July, I must say its the closest you are going to get to a real U2 experience" if you use it great if not its ok, but i still mean what i say Thanks, Emerson Basement Audio Pro


March, 17 2012 Lisauris

I was at this show. When you were singing, I was so moved that I started recording. You really caught the true spirit of u2. To tell you the truth, when you came down from the stage, I wanted to give you a congrats hug, but out of respect Idid not. The bits that I recorded was for my 2 daughters. One of them is 13 and loved this type of music. your voice is electrifying. I thought I was going to cry! Congrats! From Australia and Lisauris. ***** (My name is Lisauris. Im the one translating my mothers words. I saw the videos and I was amazed. I sspire to have a band like yours. )*****

Dennis Sheehan

December, 10 2011 Dennis Sheehan

Nice meeting all of you as well. Sorry I didn't reply sooner but was on the way back to Ireland and am now firmly established at my office at home in Dungarvan, County Waterford. I enjoyed the night and I must say that you performed really well and have a great live feel to you. I look forward to seeing you again. Best of luck with your own material but you really do sound like Bono. Best wishes Dennis Sheehan - U2 TM

Kathy from Fort Lee

December, 10 2011 Kathy from Fort Lee

I saw U2 Nation last night at PS in Hackensack. Just wanted to praise your show. I am a veteran U2 fan attending many live U2 shows. You had the live vibe of a U2 show down! Thanks I really enjoyed rocking to my favorite band. I'll try and catch U2 Nation again soon. A must see for the diehard U2 faithful. Love+ Peace Kathy, Fort Lee, NJ

Wendy Oswald

December, 10 2011 Wendy Oswald

Just wanted to say you guys rocked at Brady's last night! We all had a blast singing and dancing, and cant wait to catch another show!

Tom Gahan

December, 10 2011 Tom Gahan

Saturday night I had the opportunity to share with the audience some of the historic milestones at the Vail-Leavitt. You have added one more as I was told it was only the second time in history the theater has “sold out”. I am in awe of your collective talents. Bless you and thank you to each and every one of you. Your good works will be appreciated by many more in months to come. Please share this message with your band mates and all of the participants from the Mulvihill-Lynch School. Warm regards Tom Gahan


December, 10 2011 Doug

hey just wanted to say u guys rocked at the bears game and you are all great what a band you are i felt like i was seeing the real deal keep on rocking you made me into a fan of yours hope to catch u guys again real soon.


December, 10 2011 Tom

Al, That was an incredible show you guys put on for us the other night. Use us a referral for anyone else that is looking to book you for a party. F'n rocked!!! My wife had such a good time. Thank you for making her 30th one that she will never forget.

Mr. Gravel

December, 10 2011 Mr. Gravel

I just wanted to let you guys know our group really enjoyed your Skippack performance last night. You were great with the kids and the music just kept coming. I look forward to seeing you guys again.

December, 10 2011

Hey guys, just saw you play at "the Whiskey bar" on friday night. I was dragged out by my friends who claim you guys are by far the greatest u2 tribute ever.Let me just say I was expecting to hear some u2 music, but I was blown away with the whole show. I couldn't believe how much your singer sounds like "Bono" . I was seriously amazed. The way he moves, looks , and how he gets the crowd into it. I've seen other u2 bands in the area and they don't come close to you guys. I mean it was like truly being at a u2 show. Thanks so much for playing "kite" and dedicating it to my friend Lisa. She was thrilled. We are coming out to your next show at "the Whiskey". See you next month and we can't wait...

December, 10 2011

Saw you at "Madison Caf'e. Man you guys were excellent. Will be checking you out there again in March.

December, 10 2011

Please tell me you'll be playing some shows in Philly. Would love to check you out there.


December, 10 2011 Carl

Great show last weekend guys. I love that you play more than just the u2 hits.


December, 10 2011 Stacy

One of the best tribute bands I have ever seen. When I closed my eyes I really thought I was at a u2 show.You guys rock.

December, 10 2011

Can you guys play at my frat party? I saw you at Tim's private party and was completely blown away. I'll be in touch.


December, 10 2011 Joan

Wow! you guys we're amazing last weekend. I loved "Where the streets have no name" Good luck.

December, 10 2011

Checked you guys out at "Willie Mcbrides". I loved everything about you. It's so good to hear a real u2 tribute band.

The Tahiri Boys

December, 10 2011 The Tahiri Boys

We just saw you guys last week at Woody's in Clifton, New Jersey. You were all truly amazing. It's unreal how much you guys sound like the four Dublin boys. Good luck and hope to check you out again.

Bo and Ericka

December, 10 2011 Bo and Ericka

WOW! I heard you guys were great but never expected what I witnessed. You sound and look just like U2, especially your singer. He must be related to "Bono".

Sully at Savini's

December, 10 2011 Sully at Savini's

I've seen a couple of U2 wannabee bands, but you guys are the real thing. I loved your version of Exit. Continued success.

Lewis Colby

December, 10 2011 Sully at Savini's

Listen to me! Unbelievable! You all blew my mind. Saw you guys at Gill's party in Morristown a couple of weeks ago. Please tell me you'll be doing more shows in NYC.

December, 10 2011

Hello U2 gods! You guys must be new on the scene. Just heard of you last month, checked you out at Woody's. I love that set list you play. It's cool you play some of the U2 hits but love your more obscure songs such as Celebration and Rrunning To Stand Still. I would think some of the true U2 fans would love to hear those songs that are never on the radio. You mix it up pretty well. I'll be there at your next show at Willies. Can't wait to see you guys again.


December, 10 2011 Alex

Hey Guys, just wanted to take the time to thank you for that great performance in Atlantic City this past weekend. My friend from North Carolina saw you guys at Rira's in Charlotte last March and told me you'd be at the Rira's in A.C.. So glad I was able to make it. I had an awesome time, and thanks for letting me sing some of the back ups to "sunday bloody sunday". You guys really impressed me. Hope to see you again!

Andrew C.

December, 10 2011 Andrew C.

I saw you guys at Coda for the after party u2 show. I have to thank you for making my night. I was the guy with the neon orange shirt that freaked when you played (party girl). lol. My U2 tix were stolen that night so I was going crazy and then saw a flyer of yours by msg, came in and checked out what I thought would be a waste of time and man was I wrong. You guys were so good. I've never seen a tribute band before . I always thought it was a goof but man you guys had me hooked. I told a few friends about your next show in hoboken. Seeya then and thanks for rocking.

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